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My Favorite Antique Tractor and Engine Links

Rumely Collectors News Website-GREAT Page
Rumely Products Collectors Homepage
Rusty Iron Workshop Home Page-VERY GOOD RUMELY PAGE!
Harrold's page-Lots of antique tractor and engine links-Really nice page
Fastrac Tractor Webpage
Another nice Rumely page-Unofficial Allis
Rumely-Greatest Tractors Ever Built
Gary Dougherty's Tractor Links
Pioneer Auto Show's Homepage
Biewer's Tractor & Machinery Salvage
Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion
Harry Koop's Antique Farm Toys Page
Jeremy Fiorelli's Antique Tractor Page
Jerry's Antique Engine Page
Ken's Engine Picture Links Megalist-Lots of Engine Links!
Hit & Miss Gas Engine Club
South Jersey Gas Engine Club
C&D Equipment-After Market 3-Point Hitches
Jack Chandler's Magneto Homepage-MAG REBUILDER
Rough and Tumble Engineers' Historical Association in Kinzer, PA
Dan Donaldson's Page-Good Tractors
Eastern Shore Threshermen & Collectors Association, Inc.
Darke County Steam Threshers Greenville, OH

If you have another good link to a webpage not seen here, please send it to me.

I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

Contact us at:
Chris and Rod Epping
12015 734 Rd.
Funk, NE 68940
Ph: (308) 263-4371
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