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Rumely Slogans

The above is an old Rumely letter head featuring the 'F' 15-30 Oilpull Tractor

These are a few Rumely slogans that I've run across and found interesting.


Tune: U. S. Field Artillery March

Over Hill, over dale,
Up and down the dusty trail,
Keep the "Oilpull" a-rolling along,
In and out, hear them shout,
To the right, and turn about.
Keep the "Oilpull" a-rolling along.


For its hi, hi, he
For the Advance-Rum-e-ly
We've got the country going strong,
Where'er you go, you will always know,
That the "Oilpull" is rolling along.
-H. C. Mead.

This song was one of the songs that was sung at the Rumely Power Farming Schools. The schools were sessions put on by the company in many towns across the country to educate new owners and potential customers about the tractors. They gave everyone a packet containing a manual on knowing your tractor, a program, memo pad, and a "Book of Songs." This song was one in the book. Pictures of the front & back covers of the song book are shown below. The tractor on the back is a 12-20. This means the book is from the 1923 era. The words under the tractor read "Keep the Oilpull a-rolling along." Other songs included "The Star Spangled Banner," "America," "Till We Meet Again," "Indiana," "My Old Kentucky Home," "Carry Me Back To Old Virginny," and many others. There was one other song that had the words changed: "Ideal Seperator Song," to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw." If anyone wants the words to this, email me.


"A Book

By: Advance Rumely


"The Oilpull Poem"

Bring along those heavy loads that others dare not pull,
And I will show you how to do it with a smile and an old Oilpull.
And after I've convinced you,
You'll be asking me to tell,
Why the Oilpull is still a pull'n and the rest are shot to Hell.

I don't know much about this poem except that it was used as a Rumely advertising slogan.

"What others claim Advance-Rumely guarantees"

The Rumely Co. gave this guarantee to the customer on purchase of an Oilpull:


This is an original guarantee from the Advance-Rumely Co. It is certificate #10908. Made out on June 30, 1921, it was given to A. P. Rowat of Dauphin, Manitoba Canada on his purchase of a 12-20 Oilpull SN 18041. I would like to know if this tractor still exists. Another example is shown below from the inside cover of a smaller sales pamphlet.

Guarantee They both read:

We guarantee each Rumely OilPull Tractor to burn successfully all grades of kerosene permitted by law to be sold in the United States and Canada, under all conditions at all loads up to its rated brake horse power:
This is to certify that Rumely OilPull Tractor Number__________Type__________ Purchased by____________________of____________________is protected by the above warranty.
In Wittness Whereof we the duly authorized officers of the Corporation have hereunto subscribed our names and caused the corporate seal to be affixed this__________day of__________19__

I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

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