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30-60 'E' Rumely Oilpull


The type 'E' Oilpull was the longest produced model which Rumely made from 1910-1923. Production began with the #101 tractor. From there they made 3,246 of them. Out of that number, 94 survived. That is a 2.90% survival rate! The 'E' was the largest tractor Rumely made & weighed in at 26,000 lbs. according to Nebraska Tractor Test #8. When put to this test from April 23-May 11 1920, the 'E' preformed impressively delivering a pull of 10,025 lbs. at 1.87 MPH which equals 49.91 HP. It also put out an amazing 75.6 HP on the belt. This feat was accomplished with its heavy duty, kerosene burning, 2-cylinder, 10-inch bore, 12-inch stroke engine running at 375 RPM. The general demensions on this rig are: 9 feet 8 inches wide (with extensions), 11 feet tall, and 19 feet long. Fuel tanks hold 70 gallons of Kerosene & 85 gallons of water. All other specs are available on this tractor BY REQUEST. For more SN info on the 30-60, CLICK HERE.

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