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Rumely Oilpull Tractors

The Rumely Company became most famous with their line of kerosene tractors, called the OILPULL (because of their unique oil cooling). The Rumely company made 58,435 OILPULL's from 1909-1930. These tractors are now a favorite to many collectors including myself. This section of the homepage is dedicated to these tractors. The cart below shows the different models that Rumely produced with the model letter, the rated horse power, & actual horse power.
[ex. E = (30-60) 30 HP on the drawbar, 60 HP on the belt]

ModelRated Horse Power Actual Horse Power Weight
B 25-45 N/A 23,800 lbs. *
E 30-60 50-76 26,000 lbs. *
F 15-30 LATER-18-35 N/A 16,000 lbs. *
G 20-40 30-46 11,000 lbs. *
H 14-28 LATER 16-30 23-30 9,500 lbs. *
K 12-20 ALSO RARE 10-20 15-26 6,638 lbs. *
L 15-25 16-30.5 6,050 lbs. **
M 20-35 27.5-43 8,750 lbs. **
R 25-45 27.5-50.6 13,205 lbs. **
S 30-60 40-70 17,500 lbs. **
W 20-30 24.9-35.3 6,776 lbs. ***
X 25-40 37.8-50.26 9,440 lbs. ***
Y 30-50 44.5-63.32 13,025 lbs. ***
Z 40-60 N/A 17,500 lbs. ***
Series Key:Heavy weight: *Light weight: **Super light weight: ***

The above actual horse powers were obtained from the Nebraska Tractor Tests records. The Nebraska Tractor tests were the only tractor testing labs in the world for many years. They were begun in 1920. The tractor must complete & pass the tests to be sold in the state of Nebraska. They had to preform without probelms & to or beyond their rated horse power. The Rumelys never had any problem meeting horse power requirements as you can see.

Each of the pages below contains information on each model OILPULL the Rumely Company produced.

Heavy Weight

Light Weight

Super-Light Weight

The Tested Line

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