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Antique Engine Pictures Page 4

Click on one of the below models:

15 HP Mogul Portable

15 HP Mogul

Here's a 15 HP Mogul Portable. This engine came up from Uraguay several years ago. We're currently fitting it with new timing gears. Nice original engine.

15 HP Mogul Stationary

15 HP Mogul

Here's a 15 HP Mogul Stationary from Maine. Nice running engine with water pump.

2 1/2 HP Aermotor

2 1/2 HP Aermotor

Here's the smaller fluted hopper Aermotor. It's on orginal skids & runs good.

4 HP Alamo


Here's a 4 HP Alamo Blue Line. Kind of an odd size.

6 HP Blackstone


This is a 6 HP Blackstone. We brought this over from Ireland. It is almost a new engine since it was a backup unit & hardly ever run. Very quality unit.

10 HP Foos


This is a 10 HP wipe ignition Type 'S' Foos. Has a lot of nice original paint.

8 HP Fairbanks Type 'N'

8 HP Fairbanks

This is an early 8 HP Type 'N' Fairbanks.

8 HP Fairbanks Type 'N' Portable

Fairbanks 'N'

This is the portable version of the above engine. It has the centrifugal water pump & original transport.

Fairbanks 2 HP Type 'T'

Fairbanks 'T'

This is a Fairbanks type 'T' 2 HP upright. This engine has a lot of nice original paint.

I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

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