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Antique Stationary Engine Pictures
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Root & Vandervoort Engine

Root & Vandervoort

This is an upright Root & Vandervoort "Easy Cooler" engine. This engine was built in East Moline, Illinois. They were sold by Deere & Co. and this one has the origional Deere tag on it.

Economy Engine

This is a 6 H.P. Sparta Economy gas engine. I recently got this engine running. The SPARTA came from the place they were made in Sparta, Michigan. They were made there from 1909-1913. This is a 1909 model. These engines unlike their younger brothers had a very sharp square hopper. Our good friend Martin Schmidt of Minden, Nebraska is shown with the engine.

Superior Engine


This is a 25 H.P. Superior Engine. It is a side shaft model built in Springfield, Ohio. Superior bought out Otto engine works in 1923.

Thompson-Lewis Engine


This is another side shaft. This is a Thompson-Lewis engine built in Beloit, Wisconsin around 1908. It also came from
Pioneer Auto Show.

Webster Engine


This is an inverted Webster engine. This is approx. a 1898 engine. By inverted, this means that the cylinder is in the base of the engine with the flywheels & crankshaft above the cylinder.

Witte Engine


This is a side shaft Witte engine. It was built in Kansas City, Missouri around 1910 or maybe slightly earlier.

Wisconsin Engine


This is a sideshaft Wisconsin Engine. This one was taken out of an old house in eastern Nebraska where it was used on a light plant. The original decals and a lot of paint are in near perfect condition. This engine is very rare because it has the factory throttle goverening mechanism. Very few engines were made this way!

I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

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