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Antique Stationary Engine Pictures
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Click on one of the below models:

International Engine

This is a IHC Famous engine. It is tank cooled and is a 15 H.P.

Mogul Engine

This is a 4 H.P. Mogul side shaft engine. These engines were made by IHC. This one we've just got running recently.

Mogul Engine

This is another 4 H.P. Mogul side shaft engine. This one we haven't got going yet.

Neward Engine

This is a Neward engine. It was sold by Montgomery Ward & Co. of Chicago, Illinois. They were made, I believe, in Kansas City.

Otto Engine

This is a 15 H.P. Otto side shaft engine. We pulled this one out of an elavator not far from us. It is currently another project in the works. As you can see the flywheels are off at the present, but I hope to get another picture when we have them back on.

Samson Engine

This Samson is a 5 H.P. with ignitor ignition. This engine was made in Stockton, California. It also has a lot of brass mechanism on it. The governor is belt driven & it runs on propane. This engine runs slow and is very interesting to watch.

Stickney Engine

This is a little 1 3/4 H.P. Stickney Engine. This one runs nice, but needs a little paint.

Stickney Engine

This is a 3 H.P. Stickney that was restored quite a few years ago.

Stickney Engine

This is our 5 H.P. Stickney. Another project for another day (or year).

Stickney Engine

This is the 7 H.P. This is our biggest Stickney.
I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

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