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Antique Stationary Engine Pictures
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Click on one of the below models:

Aermotor Engine

This is a 5 H.P. Aermotor engine built by the Aermotor Company of Chicago, Illinois. The contraption on top is part of the fluted hopper cooling system. This engine weighs about 1,000 lbs.

Badger Engine

On the right is a 4 H.P. Badger side-shaft engine. It was made by Christensen Engineering Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in about 1914.

Brown-Cochran Engine

This is a Brown-Cochran side-shaft 6 H.P. engine. It was made in Lorain, Ohio about 1910 or slightly earlier.

Challenge Engine

This is a Challenge engine built in Batavia, Illinois around 1918. This is the 3 H.P. model with a bore of 4 1/4". This engine has the earlier hourglass hopper. We unfortunately need the rod and piston. Does anyone have these pieces?

Crossley Otto Engine

This is an English side-shaft engine. It is about a 2 H.P. engine. It was made to run on propane or "city gas" which was a gas that was manufactured and piped throughout the country.

Fairbanks-Morse Engine

This is a 15 H.P. Fairbanks-Morse engine. This is about a 1910 type N engine.

Gade Engine

This is a 3 1/2 H.P. Gade air cooled engine. This engine was made in Iowa Falls, Iowa around 1909. These are a heavy engine for their rated horsepower.

International Engine

This is a 10 H.P. model M engine. This was the largest model M engine made. This one runs pretty nice. Sitting beside it is a Fairbanks-Morse model T upright. This, a 9 horse, was the second largest T model made. The largest was a 12.

I'd enjoy talking to anyone interested in old tractors or engines!

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